Nelly Alard


January 2020

La vie que tu t’étais imaginée

The new novel by Nelly Alard is now in the bookstores

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Moment d’un couple

Nelly Alard was awarded THE INTERALLIÉ PRIZE 2013 for her novel "Moment d’un couple".

Florian Zeller, member of the jury, about "Moment d’un couple":

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Before becoming a writer, Nelly Alard was trained as an actress, and acted in a number of movies, tv movies, and on stage. She is also today a screenwriter.

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Le crieur de nuit

About Crieur de Nuit, literary critics wrote : « We are stunned by this first novel. » Jacques-Pierre Amette, Le Point Read the article online « A (...)
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Moment d’un couple (Couple Mechanics)

“An actress and screenplay writer, Nelly Alard made a strong impression with her first novel, Le crieur de nuit (Gallimard 2010, also in Folio). Now she has returned with a book more ambitious and accomplished still, Moment d’un couple, (...) With rare precision and masterful technique, Moment d’un couple is one of the high points of the French literary season.”
(Alexandre Fillon, Livres Hebdo)

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Le Crieur de Nuit (The Night Crier)

“I learned the news this morning, listening to the answering machine. Isa said, ‘Papa
passed away.’ I poured myself a cup of coffee and called her back, then I dialed Air France.
Thierry came in yawning, looked at me and said, ‘What’s happening?’ I answered, ‘Papa’s
dead.’ Isa says ‘passed away.’ But I say ‘dead.’ I don’t see why I should handle it with kid
gloves. Though I wouldn’t say that the idea of death and I have become close friends, it has
accompanied me long enough that I have the right to call it by its name.

You are dead. At last.”

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